Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Core Training Complete - They're Hanging in There!

What a great way to cap off Core Training for the Class of 2012!  Yesterday was a warm but almost ideal day to spend swinging from a rope 30 feet in the air in Newark at the UD campus.  The "Adventure Challenge Experience" serves the purpose of developing strong team communication and challenging the individual Ally to achieve new heights (haha).  Dr. Roger Spacht led us through a days-worth of activities and ensured that our harnesses and helmets were fastened securely!

This is a challenge-by-choice activity.  Each year we have people who surprise themselves with what they are able to push themselves to do - for some that means making it all the way around the course and down the zip line, and for some it means overcoming their initial fear of heights on their way up the cargo net.

Do you have any words of advice for the Allies about how they can continue to challenge themselves over the next 9 1/2 months?  Also, please join us in wishing the Allies good luck at their first few days with their Partner Organizations!

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