Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Working Toward a Clean Edgemoor

By the Edgemoor Gardens TSP team

Our Team Service Project involves working with the Edgemoor Gardens community in Wilmington, Delaware to help create a cleaner community environment. Our purpose is to find ways for the residents to dispose of garbage in a better way, restore community pride by improving how the neighborhood looks, and bring the community together to accomplish something positive.

During our tour of the community we learned that Edgemoor Gardens has a very diverse population. The majority of residents rent their homes while the others own them. It was a pleasure to see that there were residents who maintained their properties very well. It showed us the great potential the neighborhood has. In addition, these residents could possibly help in creating sustainability for these efforts in the neighborhood.

We’re looking forward to meeting new residents and identifying their gifts, talents and passions that can be used in a collaborative effort within Edgemoor Gardens.

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