Friday, November 16, 2012

Friends of Judy Johnson Park - Hilltop

By the Hilltop TSP Team

The Hilltop Team Service Project group is very excited to begin working with in this community.   The proposed project is to work with members of the community to build a sustainable and neighborhood driven “Friends of Judy Johnson Park” group.   Currently, the park plays host to children and families across the area. With the establishment of a “Friends of the Park” group, the West Side will have both a sustainable and reliable location to facilitate various activities and events year round.

Our TSP group has already met with several community leaders and toured the neighborhood. Over the next few weeks we plan to meet with the West Side Neighborhood Association, and connect with various community stakeholders to identify potential partners for an upcoming “Friends of Judy Johnson Park” association. While working in the West Side, we are very enthusiastic and ready to practice the five core principles of Public Allies: Diversity, Inclusion, Continuous Learning, Collaboration, and Asset Based Community Development.  Going forward we are ready to work, learn, and leave our mark on the entire Hilltop community.

Located in Wilmington’s Historic West Side Neighborhood, Judy Johnson Park was named after the famed baseball hero.  Judy was a legendary player in the Negro Baseball league and was the first African-American coach in Major League Baseball.   He relocated to Wilmington later in his life where he passed away in 1989.

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