Friday, November 16, 2012

Simonds Gardens Youth Cafe Store

By the Simonds Gardens TSP Team

We are a dynamic group of community mobilizers supporting the efforts of youth engagement in the community of Simonds Gardens. The team consists of five Public Allies and five local community leaders. The proposal presented by the community called for the Public Allies to work with youth within the community to create a Community Youth Cafe Store in the Rose Hill Community Center. The store will serve the residents and the agencies that come into the Rose Hill Community Center. All proceeds from the cafe will go toward educational projects, programs and events planned for the youth within the community.

Thus far, the Public Allies have met with the community leaders, both adults and youth, to discuss the initial steps of the mapping process and to create a relationship between the Allies and the community. We are excited to work with the Simonds Gardens community and hope this cafe will serve as a skill-building project for the community youth as well as provide an alternative form of engagement.

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